Stephen Rodrick Returns Home to Flint

Source: Stephen Rodrick Returns Home to Flint





It is possible to see clearly in the letters that the sheer force of their passion is their strength, but it is the unspoken doubts and a kind of naivety that possibly touches on a delusion that they possess that brings truth to their strength.

It is sad to me that the word ‘naivety’ comes so loaded with judgement, and here I encounter the cynicism of my time again.

But the time that has passed has judged in both cases their passion and belief as ‘right’, and shows us that believing at all and risking the possibility of delusion worthwhile.

And perhaps there is something interesting about the notion that we ‘possess’ a quality, whether naivety or passion or truth or belief or anything else, because I don’t know whether possession is something that shows us our own mastery and ownership of these forces or whether we are literally possessed by the things and forces that are bigger than ourselves, whether the forces or nature, the forces of power, or the force of God.

I guess that’s a question of belief.